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35g Oats
1 Medium Carrot

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Carrot porridge oats (Coats)

So here is one of my favourite little tips. Carrot oats or Coats as I've called them (ok the name leaves much to be desired, haha!) It's a great way to get some extra veggies into your kids and your own day, make your brekkie that bit more filling and it also tastes delish. Bonus!

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One of my all time faves is what I’ve come to name carrot cake porridge! I take my ordinary 35g of porridge oats and then add one small/medium finely grated carrot and pour over my boiling water (you can use milk if this is your preference). I then add a liberal amount of mixed spice, sweetener and a pinch of ginger and stir it all together and cook the oats how you normally would. I then re – stir and sprinkle with a pinch of nutmeg. Then serve with a cup of tea as you have to have tea with cake!
So there we are, have fun, experiment and enjoy! XoXo

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All you do is finely grate in one medium carrot with my 35g of oats before you cook them. I also add in sweetener, I have a sweet tooth. You could use honey or sugar if your not a sweetener fan.
I have made so many variations on this brekkie adding all different spices, fruits, and other ingredients. The possibilities are endless.

Emily Boulden

Hello! So just a wee bit about myself! I'm Emily mother of 2 beautiful little men and partner to my 30 year old man child, haha. I'm a massive foody, Slimming world member and a former fatty! To date I have lost over 11 stone and am currently right were I want to be. I love experimenting with food and finding new ways to use different things. I'm a throw it in kind of chef but thought I'd share a few of my ideas and/or recipes. As well as a few piccies, I mean who doesn't like pictures of food, right?! XoXo

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