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Chocolate Orange Scan Bran Cake

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Cake Ingredients
5 Scan Bran
Orange Squash (sugar free) Hot, made up to high concentrate, sugar free orange squash
2tsp Cocoa i use Bournville
2tbsp Sweetner
2 Eggs
1tbsp Quark
2tbsp Quark or 0% Greek Yog
1tsp Cocoa
1tbsp Sweetner
Orange Segments

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Chocolate Orange Scan Bran Cake

Hi, here's a super quick, easy and dare I say it indulgent tasting recipe for you all. Low fat, sugar free and good for you what more could you ask for in a cake?!

  • 15-16
  • Medium


  • Cake Ingredients

  • Topping



You could even make it twice and have a double layer cake. Nom!!

Make the orange squash hot and made up to high concentrate

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First I just blitzed down the scan bran to a fine powder, the finer the better


Next, in a mixing bowl, I added my hot orange squash to the scan bran (just enough to moisten it all) along with my sweetener and cocoa. Then I just mashed the lot together and allowed the scan bran to soak in the mix


Next I just thouroughly mix in my quark and both eggs. I then poured the lot in to a microwavable container, I use a silicon cake tin as stops any sticking


then just popped the lot in the microwave for about 5-6 mins. I then allowed to cool while making the topping


For the topping I just mixed my quark, cocoa and sweetener together and spread on top of the cake and added my orange segments.
Hope you enjoy xoxox

Emily Boulden

Hello! So just a wee bit about myself! I'm Emily mother of 2 beautiful little men and partner to my 30 year old man child, haha. I'm a massive foody, Slimming world member and a former fatty! To date I have lost over 11 stone and am currently right were I want to be. I love experimenting with food and finding new ways to use different things. I'm a throw it in kind of chef but thought I'd share a few of my ideas and/or recipes. As well as a few piccies, I mean who doesn't like pictures of food, right?! XoXo

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Sorry new to slimming world is that for the whole thing! 3 syns + HE. Do you know how much if not using HE. Thank you x

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