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Chocolate Jelly Sweets

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2 Sachets Powdered Gelatine
1/4 Pint Boiling Water
10g Cocoa 2 Syns
2tbsp Sweetner
2 Heaped tbsp Muller Light

Nutritional information

2 for Whole Batch

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Chocolate Jelly Sweets

So as a wee bit of a chocoholic myself I am always looking for a low syn way to get my fix. So when I saw this little beauty I couldn't resist giving it a bash. Talk about chocolate for your synage!

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I started by dissolving 2 sachets of gelatine into 1/4 of a pint of boiling water. Remember always add gelatin to water not water to gelatine


Next in a separate bowl I mixed 10g of cocoa powder (2syns) with 2 tbsp of granulated sweetener. I added a few drops of boiling water and mixed it into a paste and then stirred it into my dissolved gelatine along with 2 heaped tbsp of Muller light, you can experiment with flavours but I used mint :-) I made sure it was all thoroughly mixed and then separated it into my silicon moulds. Handy little tip, I used a calpol syringe to do this. It made so much less mess than trying to pour it! I'm all for less mess :-)


Next I just popped them into the fridge to set. They set pretty quickly and should be ready in about 30mins to an hour. Hope you enjoy xoxo

Emily Boulden

Hello! So just a wee bit about myself! I'm Emily mother of 2 beautiful little men and partner to my 30 year old man child, haha. I'm a massive foody, Slimming world member and a former fatty! To date I have lost over 11 stone and am currently right were I want to be. I love experimenting with food and finding new ways to use different things. I'm a throw it in kind of chef but thought I'd share a few of my ideas and/or recipes. As well as a few piccies, I mean who doesn't like pictures of food, right?! XoXo

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My gelatine wasn’t smooth and I couldn’t get it smooth either, no matter what I tried…don’t know what I did wrong but I dissolved it in boiling water, exactly the way the recipe said :/ any suggestions for next time?

Hi. Just made these probably silly question but any idea how long they keep for cos don’t think I can eat that many in one day lol x

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